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Join the beta today!

We are excited to announce Calixa's public beta for Actions. Actions allows you to push Calixa data to any of your connected tools without the burden of switching tabs, locating the customer in question, switching context or filling out extensive forms.

A few examples of Actions you can take in Calixa include creating a Hubspot deal, adding a new Salesforce task, and refunding a Stripe charge. You can even create any custom action with our no-code builder!

Actions can be triggered on users or accounts and are conveniently made available  in the console whenever you are viewing customer data.

Triggering Hubspot actions on an Account

Actions expose all the fields that you are used to within the applications you use. For example, when creating a Salesforce Opportunity from Calixa, you'll be able to set the owner to any of your Salesforce users, use any of your custom stages, etc.

Creating a Salesforce opportunity from inside of Calixa.

Calixa has pre-built actions that interface directly with your connected tools and can be enabled with the flick of a switch.

Example Standard Actions

We also give you the ability to create custom actions with our no-code builder. These actions have a configurable payload and get sent to a webhook of your choosing.

Custom Action Builder

We would love for you to give it a spin and let us know what you think - sign up for the beta today!

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