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Before we sign off for the long weekend, Calixa wanted share some updates on what our engineering team has been building. In August we shipped metric-based alerting, Calixa Actions, added a Sentry integration for error visibility, and now support Segment traits!

🚨Get alerts when customers hit key metric thresholds

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Get notifications whenever one of your customers is growing

You now can use the metrics Calixa computes to power your Automations. These alerts empower customer teams take action when it matters:

  • Find growing teams
  • Spot usage spikes
  • Optimize upgrades
  • Identify champions
  • Offer preemptive support
  • Get ahead of billing issues

🗂Stop switching tabs - take action from Calixa

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Custom Action Builder

You can now push Calixa data to your connected tools. Here are just a few examples:

  • Create a Hubspot deal
  • Add a Salesforce task
  • Refund a Stripe charge
  • Create any custom action webhook

...all without switching tabs!

Join the beta today to enable actions in your account. Don't see your favorite action, let us know!

🐛See when users encounter bugs

Sentry errors in user timeline view

Connect your Sentry account from the Integrations page to bring your product error data into Calixa:

  • See how product errors impact user engagement
  • Prioritize customers based on the errors they have experienced
  • Get notified when key accounts have error spikes

🔪Slice and dice customers with Segment traits

Traits sent on your Segment group and identify calls are now stored as  properties in Calixa.

  • Filter and sort in Segments
  • View as custom properties in a dashboard
  • Use to filter your automations

Stay product-led,

Team Calixa

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