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Companies have been using Calixa's event-based Automations to get notified of user milestones like signups, trials, invites and upgrades.

However, beyond these typical lifecycle events, every company has a unique set of metrics that they use to measure in-product engagement. These often provide early signs of activation success, product stickiness, upgrade potential, or churn propensity.

The challenge: these indicators rarely present themselves as clearly defined events.

Introducing Metric-based Automations

Behind the scenes, Calixa continuously computes metrics based on data from all of your integrations in real-time: Segment events, Intercom chats, Hubspot outreach, Stripe charges and Sentry errors, just to name a few.

Previously, you could access these metrics in Segments and Dashboards, but beginning today, you now can use these metrics to power Automations. This means that you can trigger Slack and email alerts whenever customers hit important metric thresholds.

Get notifications whenever one of your customers is growing

Here are some ways that sales, success, support and growth teams are already using Calixa's metric-based Automations to proactively engage with customers:

  • Find growing teams: When your customers start inviting their teammates, that's a good sign that the account is ready to grow. You might want to be alerted whenever more than 2 users have been invited to an account.
  • Spot usage spikes: A sudden increase in usage from a new customer is the perfect time to reach out.  Get notified when a customer's usage spikes in a 24 hour period for anyone who has not yet upgraded.
  • Optimize upgrades: If users regularly access gated product functionality they are likely good candidates for a paid plan. You can setup an alert when someone uses this functionality more than 5 times in the last 7 days.
  • Identify champions: When a user regularly shares, mentions, tags or invites folks they are likely a power user. You can get notifications when users collaborate more than 10 times a month.
  • Offer preemptive support: If users see a spike in errors, there is a good chance they need help, but might not say anything. You can setup a notification when a user encounters over 3 errors in a day.
  • Get ahead of billing issues: When a long-time customer has multiple failed charges within their billing period, there is likely an unknown issue. You could create an alert whenever there are over 2 failed charges in the last 90 days.

Start automating

Creating a metrics-based Automation can be done in less than a minute. From the Calixa console select the Automations tab. Click "New Automation" and select your criteria.

Stay in control of notifications

Our customers often experience periods of significant growth, which means these automations could be triggered quite often.

To ensure that you only receive a notification once in a given time period, simply select a "Max notification frequency" you are comfortable with.

It's worth noting that the limit is per user or account. This means that if you are building a user-based automation, selecting once per day will notify you of each user that qualifies, but only once a day for that user.

If several customers trigger the notification, we will bundle them and give you a link to view the full list in our console.

Happy automating!

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