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Calixa's webhook automations give you the ability to kick off processes when your customers hit key milestones. Combined with Zapier's user friendly automation tools this opens the door to limitless RevOps process automation options.

One challenge that many revenue orgs face is keeping strategic or managed account lists updated based on adoption of the product. This guide will demonstrate how you can use Calixa webhooks and Zapier to setup automations at various points in the customer journey and remove the burden of manually updating spreadsheets. As a result, leadership will have full visibility into accounts that are top of mind.

Before we get started, you will want to make sure you have Calixa, Zapier and Google Workspace accounts.  


Your PLG sales team is focussed on expanding into larger companies. To support this effort, the RevOps team has puts together a list of the strategic accounts based on target industries, use cases, company size, etc.

These accounts are primarily large companies with disparate teams who have started adopting your product in a bottoms-up fashion. The lack of a single decision maker and the significant number of users involved make tracking this a complex task.

Manually updating this spreadsheet to capture the traction, engagement, adoption, and growth of these accounts kills sales rep productivity by pulling them away from actually selling.

Good news. There is a better way!

Enter Calixa webhooks + Zapier

Let's automate this process with 3 simple steps:

  • Create a new Zap
  • Build your Calixa automation
  • Link your account Google Sheet

Creating your Zap

Head over to Zapier and create a new Zap.

  1. When asked for the App Event, search for and select Webhooks by Zapier.
  2. On the next screen select Catch Hook as the trigger event.
  3. Finally copy the webhook URL that is generated. You will be using this URL to setup the webhook alert in Calixa.

Building your Calixa webhook alert

Now let's setup an alert to trigger when there is substantial account growth. Webhook alerts can be triggered based on any metric present in your Calixa account.

  1. To create a webhook head to the Automations tab.
  2. Select Metric-based from the Automations Trigger dropdown
  3. From the entity selection, choose Accounts
  4. Create a condition that signals a high growth account. In this example I have filtered down to Enterprise accounts that have had over 2 users added in the last 7 days.

Calixa makes it easy to test out the automation. Click the button at the bottom of the webhook builder to fire off a sample payload then head to Zapier to verify things are working properly.

Linking your spreadsheet

Now that your webhook has been tested, let's tell Zapier how it should use the webhook.

  1. Choose Google Sheets as the desired app
  2. Select Update Spreadsheet Row as the action that will be taken.

You will need to add a new step to the Zap to select which row should be updated.

  1. Select the Account Name (or applicable) as the Lookup column
  2. For the Lookup Value select Calixa Entity Name from the payload.

Test the Zapier action and you are off to the races.

In this example I created 3 different alerts to update my account list based on which were engaging, activating and growing. Now every time the criteria are met for that account, the appropriate box is checked in the spreadsheet.  

This sheet now keeps everyone on the same page with an updated status of our target accounts!

Save time with Zapier and Calixa

Zapier and Calixa partner to keep your revenue efforts efficient. Use them together to connect Calixa with many other tools to efficiently automate your RevOps processes.

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