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PQLs are the best way to keep sales operations efficient as your signup volume scales. Knowing who to talk to ensures you don’t waste time on leads with low chances of conversion. Working the right leads enables larger deals.

PQLs are self-qualified, sales-ready users who meet your organization’s Customer Fit (eg. size of company, buyer role, industry) and Product Usage criteria. Both of these provide good indicators that an account is ready to purchase.

Calixa helps you intelligently find your best users. When starting off, it can be helpful to categorize leads in four buckets:

Create Your First PQL List in Calixa

Calixa combines all your product and CRM data into one place. This enables you to create lists of product-qualified leads using any combination of product usage, user, account, or CRM data.

Here’s how to create a basic user list in a few steps:

1. Create a list of users that have recently signed up for your product.

2. Sort the list by a key product usage metric. For example, it could be a user who performed 5 or more key product actions (e.g. projects created, documents published, deploys, etc)

3. Next, you can filter that list to only those users that you own. We pull this ownership data from your CRM. Each rep can see their own view of the accounts they own.

4. If you want to make sure that you’re only talking to companies of a certain size, you could add another filter based on employee count. You can get this information via Calixa’s Clearbit integration.

The great thing is you can use any of the data and usage metrics you send to Calixa for filtering your PQL list. That way, you’re only talking to high value users.

Adding additional data to your list

Need to add data into your view? Let’s say you want to show what pricing plan users are on. Simply click the add column button on the right. Any CRM properties, product usage metrics, billing info, etc. can be added to a list.

Creating an Account List

Some businesses prefer to look at accounts instead of individual end users. An account view rolls up all usage metrics from underlying users so you can find your most active accounts.

Here are examples of account lists you can try:

  • To find which accounts are growing the fastest, you can sort the number of users added to the account.
  • You can add in a key product actions that indicate an account has hit that 'aha moment.'
  • You can then filter by the pricing plan (trial, team, etc.) they're on to focus on free-to-paid conversion or expansion opportunities.


To make lists easier to prioritize, you can generate scores that quickly show who you should be talking to. Scores are great because they include multiple properties into a single summarized metric.

With Calixa, you can customize the two major components of PQL scoring:

  • Customer Fit
  • Product Usage

For example, let’s say your Ideal Customer Profile (aka Customer Fit) includes companies with over 100 employees, that have raised more than $10M, and based in the US, CA, or UK.

Let's then say strong Product Intent signals are when an account has added more than 5 users in a week and created more than 3 projects in the last 30 days.

Once you have your Scoring setup, you can use the scores all throughout the Calixa product. They're useful in lists when prioritizing who to speak with. You can also use them to power automated alerts.

You can learn more about Scoring criteria here.

That’s it! You’re on your way to finding PQLs.