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The Product-led Sales motion is all about helping buyers realize value before asking them to pay. To effectively do this, sales needs a way of understanding where their customers are on the journey from signup to activation. Having this context ensures that outreach is relevant and drives more conversions. For example, someone that has newly signed up is going to need to hear a different pitch than a power user who has invited several team members.

A new way to identify and engage with PQLs

Calixa is excited to launch Journey View, which allows Sales and Success teams to better understand where customers are in the activation lifecycle and engage with full context. They're fully customizable so you can tailor Journeys to your unique business.

Journey view shows you who is ready to buy, who got stuck in onboarding, who's an internal advocate and everything in between. Milestones can be easily configured to align with the key stages in your customer activation funnel and can be viewed at the user, account or team level.

An account or team journey might look something like:

Account Created > Multiple Users Added > Pro Plan Usage Reached

Whereas milestones in a user journey may be more focussed on completion of onboarding or usage of features:

Signup > First Key Actions > Invited teammate > Healthy Product Usage

This gives reps an easy way to identify top users in each stage of the journey and reach out with contextually aware messaging.

Configuring your first Journey

Let's walk through how you can quickly set this up in Calixa.

Milestone #1: Recent Signups

The first milestone for almost all product-led, freemium, or self-serve companies is the signup. As a rep, I care most about recent signups so I am going to filter to users "first seen in the last 30 days."

Tracking your signups

Suggested Milestone Actions:

  • offer 1:1 onboarding
  • send getting started materials
  • schedule product demo

Milestone #2: First Key Actions

This will vary based on the type of product you offer, but there is generally 1 or a set of actions that correspond with someone starting to use the product. It is important for a sales rep to understand who has moved from the "signup and do nothing" stage to beginning activation.

In this case I am going to set a couple conditions for hitting this milestone.

Users who have started to take action

Suggested Milestone Actions:

  • nudge to next step in product adoption
  • solicit feedback on the product experience
  • offer support if there are issues

Milestone #3: Invited Teammate

After some product usage, a key behavior for SaaS users is to invite their teammates.

See who has invited a teammate

Suggested Milestone Actions:

  • coordinate team training

Milestone #4: Healthy Product Usage

Determining when product usage has reached a healthy point is often times when it makes sense to make things official. Pick a few actions that you have seen other users take before converting to paying accounts. When users reach this final milestone, its time to get them on the right plan.

Suggested Milestone Actions:

  • pricing discussions

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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