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Customer response to the beta of our Snowflake and BigQuery connectors has been overwhelmingly positive, and today, we're excited to announce their general availability. If you use Census or Hightouch for Reverse ETL, we have got you covered too!

As more sales teams rely on product usage data as a key signal in their sales efforts, the importance of the data warehouse as the single source of truth grows. You can now sync your accounts, users, usage data, and custom objects to Calixa directly from your warehouse. This empowers the GTM team with self-serve reporting, dashboards, 360° customer views, and automated workflows.

Link then sync

Anyone with read access to your warehouse can connect your Big Query or Snowflake instance. End-to-end, the process takes about a minute. Once this is complete, Calixa users will have the ability to select the data they want to sync.

Sync new fields right from our UI

Your GTM teams no longer have to make requests for the data team to expose new fields or metrics. Once the warehouse is connected, any of this information can be synced with Calixa in a few clicks.

We make it easy to pull in properties like current plans, team size, customer segment, trial expiry dates, and anything else that can help identify the right accounts.

We also sync rollups of your key product usage metrics so sales is always in the loop when usage is growing.

Sync whats unique to your business

Customers can also sync custom objects that give another level of context to a team trying to understand product usage. For example, a team selling a developer product may want to know more about the sites that a user has built and deployed. Whereas a collaboration app may want to see what shared workspaces have been created. Calixa makes it easy for sales and success teams to quickly get visibility into this rich detail.

This is just the first public release of a series of investments we are making to enable companies better leverage the modern data stack. Right now in private beta, we have built support for:

  • Census for Reverse ETL
  • Hightouch for Reverse ETL
  • Redshift Data Warehouse
  • dbt integration for easier model syncing

If you want access to the private beta, just email team@calixa.io.

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