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Today, we launched a new feature called Automations. It enables you to send automated email or Slack alerts to your team about events from any connected integration. You can now send alerts to your team whenever key events happen. You'll now be able to get ahead of customer issues before they spiral into a big problem. Some examples of popular alerts are:

  • When a charge fails
  • When an invoice is paid
  • When a new account signs up
  • When a new opportunity closes
  • When a customer encounters an error

The alerts contain the key information you need to triage the situation and take action. Here's an example of a Slack notification for a failed charge:

Alerts are easy to create. You can add criteria so you only get alerted on select events. (eg notify when invoices greater $1,000 are paid). Here's an example of setting up a email notification for a failed charge:

We've already heard feedback from customers that Automations have helped them stay on top issues and get to them even before customers notice. We plan on adding additional functionality in the coming months to make Automations even more powerful. If you have any ideas, we'd love to hear them (team@calixa.io).