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Healthy product engagement is one of the strongest indicators that a user will convert into a paying customer. However, scoring your users and accounts based on product usage has historically been a challenging and time consuming task.

Calixa is excited to tackle this problem with our latest feature: Product Engagement Scoring. Now you can easily find and prioritize customers based on their product usage as well as data from your warehouse, CRM and other connected business apps. This empowers empowers SDRs, AEs and CSMs to easily uncover Product Qualified Leads and tailor their outreach with complete context.

Easily configure score criteria

Product engagement varies significantly from business to business. A platform for building websites like Webflow is going to have different engagement criteria than a productivity app like Calendly. As such, we have made sure scoring can be tailored to the unique needs of each business.

Calixa's Scoring configuration allows you to easily define what High, Medium and Low engagement looks like for both your users and accounts. Give it a try by configuring your first scoring criteria.

Scoring criteria are easy to update, so you can start with one or two criteria and iterate from there. As your product evolves, new features are added, and usage patterns change you will be able to easily adjust your score configuration to keep up with how customers are using your product.

Each score level contains one or more condition groups. A condition group is set of criteria that you define. Within a condition group, all criteria must be met for the condition to be satisfied. For example, you might specify a condition group for Medium engagement to be:

"2 Users added last 30 days" AND "3 Projects Created in the last 7 days" AND "Billing Plan is Freemium"

All three of these would need to be met for the account to be scored Medium. However, you can create multiple condition groups per score level. Only one of the condition groups must be met for it to be scored at that level.

Surface the customers that matter

Product Engagement Scores can be used in Segments to filter and sort your user and account data. Look for "Product Usage" in any of the property drop-downs to add this data to your Segment view.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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