✨🎉 We’ve raised a $12M Series A from Kleiner Perkins, Twilio, & Salesforce Ventures. Read more. 🎉✨

In November, we launched a Snowflake and Google BigQuery integration that allows customers to sync directly with from their data warehouse. We also added new ways of incorporating Calixa into your daily workflow by launching Actions, a Salesloft and Outreach integration. Lastly, we kicked off a program to help customers backfill their historical data.

🚀 Announced our Series A

We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised a $12M Series A led by Kleiner Perkins. We’ll be using this round to accelerate our mission to build a GTM platform purpose-built for product-led growth. We’re also excited that Salesforce Ventures and Twilio have invested in our Series A underscoring the magnitude of the industry interest in product-led growth.

Here's our blog post on our Series A.

📖 Connect your Data Warehouse (Snowflake & BigQuery)

More and more companies are centralizing their data into a modern cloud data warehouse. As a result, companies have a single source of truth to operate their business. We believe that any tool a company uses should connect directly to the warehouse.

Now, Calixa can connect to your Snowflake and BigQuery warehouse to sync now users, accounts, custom objects, analytics, and event data. With a few clicks in the Calixa interface, you can set this all up.

Let us know if you would like us to enable this in your account!

BigQuery Integration Setup

👉 Take action in connected apps without switching tabs

All customers can now start using Actions! Now you can push Calixa data to any of your connected tools without the burden of changing tabs, locating the customer in question, switching context or filling out extensive forms.

Creating a Salesforce opportunity from inside of Calixa.

A few examples of Actions you can take in Calixa include adding to a Salesloft cadence, creating a Hubspot deal, adding a new Salesforce task, and refunding a Stripe charge. You can even create any custom action with our no-code builder!

📝 Salesloft and Outreach Integrations launched

Now it's easy to kickoff automated sales engagement directly from Calixa. With a click of button you can add users to your sales cadences. Our Salesloft and Outreach integrations are now available to all.

These integrations simplify your SDR and AE workflows, allowing them to find product qualified leads in the Calixa console and add them to a sequence without hopping tabs.

🦖 Historical backfill program

Historical data can dramatically shorten time to value when onboarding to a new tool, however it often isn't available via live integrations. To improve the onboarding experience for our customers, we are launching a program to help import historical data to your Calixa account. If you are interested in this, just drop us a line at moock@calixa.io and we will get things setup for you!

Stay product-led,

Team Calixa

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