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When speaking with product-led sales leaders about how usage data impacts daily workflows, one common objection is that the data is often messy.

Every business has a unique customer journey and set of PQL criteria, with countless ways that that this data gets tracked. Many of our customers send their event data to Calixa using Segment, and prior to today, we allowed customers to filter and prioritize users and accounts based on user and account traits.

We are excited to announce that we have now extended all of our filters to include event properties.  This additional flexibility enables more companies to identify their top users and accounts, without having to ask a developer to update their implementation.

Identifying the right users with event properties

You can use event properties in custom views, automations, scoring, and journeys which makes it easier than ever to take on tasks like this no matter how your data is structured:

  • Segmenting your pipeline between free, team and enterprise users
  • Setting up a Slack alert when a user adds a specific type of integration
  • Filter your signups based on their industry or use case
  • Identifying free users using premium features

Setting up your first property filter

From Calixa's list view, add a new filter, and select one of Segment event metrics. A good place to start would be filtering for users that have used a premium feature but not currently on a paid plan.

Once added, you will instantly see users that meet those filter criteria.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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