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With the rise of the modern data stack, it's become increasingly easy to stand up a data warehouse and get all the data you want into one place.  As a result, companies are adopting data warehouses earlier and earlier in their life. We're even seeing companies of 10 people or less standing up a warehouse to centralize and make sense of their data.

With a data warehouse in place, there's a huge opportunity to push that gold-standard data into the tools that teams use in their day to day. This way, everyone is operating off the same data and you have the data you need in the tools you want to use. The emergence of reverse ETL providers like Census enables companies to unlock this data by letting them sync warehouse data to many different destinations.

We're happy to announce a public beta of our integration with Census. Now, Census customers can easily sync users, accounts, metrics, and custom objects to Calixa. We've had customers using our Census integration for 3 months now and we're ready to open it up to everyone.

If you're interested, just fill out the form below and we will follow up.