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Automations give Calixa users the ability to get proactive alerts when important customer milestones and usage thresholds are hit. This allows you to spot the accounts that are prime for growth, get ahead of customer issues and act when it matters.

Now you can also use our Automations platform to fire off webhooks to internal endpoints or popular low-code platforms like Airtable and Zapier.

Webhook alerts can be used to help automate multi-step processes by sending your customer data to other tools. With the help of a workflow automation platform, this gives you a virtually limitless set of automation possibilities. Here are some of our customers' favorite use cases:

  • Create a new 'target account' record in Airtable when usage spikes
  • Record customer health scores for internal analysis
  • Add a user to a Google sheet when they test a beta feature
  • Update an account's status in your CRM if they experience payment issues
  • Create a Jira issue when a user's error rate jumps
Fire a webhook for new accounts that are adopting premium features

Setting up a webhook alert

Setting up webhook alerts can be done in a few minutes with our no-code builder. Head to the Automations tab within your Calixa console and create a new metric-based alert.

You can configure the following webhook elements:

  • URL
  • Payload key/value pairs
  • Headers
  • HTTP Basic Auth
  • Max frequency
Webhook builder

The webhook can be sent to any URL that has been configured to receive incoming POST requests. This allows you to integrate with services for which Calixa does not currently have pre-built Automations and Actions, which in turn saves you time from having to write custom code.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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