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March was an exciting month for releases. We launched Journey view, increased the flexibility of our filters to support event properties, completed an integration with reverse ETL provider Hightouch, and added Redshift to our list of supported data warehouses.

🛤 Journey view

Journey View allows Sales and Success teams to better understand where customers are in the activation lifecycle and engage with full context. They're fully customizable so you can tailor Journeys to your unique business.

Journey view shows you who is ready to buy, who got stuck in onboarding, who's an internal advocate and everything in between. Milestones can be easily configured to align with the key stages in your customer activation funnel and can be viewed at the user, account or team level.

🥑 Event property filters

We are excited to announce that we have now extended all of our filters to include event properties.  This additional flexibility enables more companies to identify their top users and accounts, without having to ask a developer to update their implementation.

You can use event properties in custom views, automations, scoring, and journeys which makes it easier than ever to take on tasks like this no matter how your data is structured:

  • Segmenting your pipeline between free, team and enterprise users
  • Setting up a Slack alert when a user adds a specific type of integration
  • Filter your signups based on their industry or use case
  • Identifying free users using premium features

🙏 Hightouch

Reverse ETL tools like Hightouch help many of our customers keep all the tools in their stack in sync with the source of truth, the data warehouse. Companies using Hightouch can now reverse ETL their user, account, metric and custom object data without having to build out any complex integrations.

🧮 Redshift Beta

We are excited to launch a beta of our latest warehouse connector. You can now sync your accounts, users, usage data, and custom objects to Calixa directly from your Redshift warehouse. This empowers the GTM team with self-serve reporting, dashboards, 360° customer views, and automated workflows. If you are interested in giving it a try, shoot an email to team@calixa.io.

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